Cool Breeze Village Important Documents

Dear Fellow Campers:
I would like to introduce you to Cool Breeze Village, this new concept will include all the current back sites and vacant property of Cool Breeze Campground. The front twenty-five sites and the Rally Center will remain the same and continue hosting RV Club Rallies. All the current sites in the back and additional sites developed in the future will be offered for sale.

You can now purchase your favorite site to use as you wish. Sites will range from 40’ x 90’ to as big as 65’ x 100’. Prices will start at $29,500 and go to $49,000. The first sites offered for sale will be the current sites 26 to 51. New sites will be developed as each section sells out. Cool Breeze Village will be sold as individual owned sites deeded to owners and will have a Property Owners Association. This will not be a membership or timeshare type campground. There will not be any Permanent Residents.

There are many options for the site owners, you may have a Motorhome, Gas or Diesel, Class A, B or C 34 feet or longer, Fifth Wheel 36 feet or longer or Park Home less than 400 sq. ft. So if your actively traveling now, Cool Breeze Campground can rent your site when your gone, income for you, or if you wish to no longer travel then setup a Park Home and still be close to all your camping buddies.

Personalize your site with a Storage Building, Outdoor Kitchen, Patio, and Landscaping or just keep it simple as a stopping point to enjoy all that the Galax area has to offer and don’t forget the Bluegrass Music.

As your RV lifestyle changes so can your site at Cool Breeze Village. Please review the documents and come see what we have to offer. Any questions
you have just give me a call.
Cool Breeze Village
Robert Sells
(276) 236-0300

Restrictive Covenants

  • All sites are subject to Restrictive Covenants and Property Owners Association, this overview highlights some of the most important areas of the covenants.
  • All site owners are members of the Property Owners Association when you close on your site. The purchase price includes the first year assessment fees.
  • Sites shall be used for Eligible RV only and must not be used as a permanent residents. Motor-homes must be Class A, B or C Gas or Diesel, and be no less than 34 feet. Fifth Wheel Tow-able Trailers must be no less than 36 feet. Park Homes must be less than 400 sq. ft. of heated living space, built to ANSI Standards and RPTIA Approved, all setup must be approved be the Architectural Committee.
  • Age and Appearance of Motorhomes and Fifth Wheels are solely the desecration of the Architectural Committee.
  • Accessory Structures must be less than 200 sq. ft. and must remain movable. Shall not have any type living quarters, must be built of new materials.
  • Site owners may concrete their site or patio, may have an Outdoor Kitchen or Living Space. Park Homes may have no more than 400 sq. ft. of deck.
  • Site Owners may landscape their site but approval must be given by the Architectural Committee.
  • All sites will have 50 amp power, water, sewer, cable tv and wifi services. Site owners will be billed for power by the Property Owners Association, the yearly maintenance fee will include all other services.
  • Site owners may employ Cool Breeze Campground to rent their site when not in use. Park Homes cannot be rented. All renters shall observe the same restrictions as owners.
  • Streets are owned as common property and will be maintained by the Property Owners Association. All streets are thirty foot wide with an average of twenty foot compacted stone surface.
  • No site shall be used as a Permanent Residents, RV’s shall be moved off site if not occupied for thirty days.